Monday, February 14, 2011

Ed Talks

When I was at ULearn10 I was asked to give an Ed Talk. This was a rather scary experience, and last week my talk went 'live' - another scary experience watching myself on screen. However, I really believe strongly in what I was saying so thought I would post it here as well - 

What will happen in 2011?

As I think over the teaching and learning opportunities I have been fortunate to have over the past 12 months (as one does at this time of year) I wonder how I can top the experience of being an e-Fellow and also how to ensure I maintain my momentum. I  made a list of plans with the other e-Fellows in November when we had our final 'get together' and have started working on some of them, but will be putting more into action as the year progresses. The first thing I have done is set up my own website - - and am now working on making it more of how I want it to look and thinking about it's full purpose - open to any suggestions here folks.

I have had a lot of new children start at the Kindergarten this year and am at the point where I have been many times in the past, showing the new children how to interact with the ICT's we offer, and helping them to become confident in exploring the opportunities available. As they become confident in using the equipment, the paths they are interested in following will become visible to us as teachers and we can then assist the children on the journey they choose. I will be also introducing animation to them over the next few weeks and I am sure it will be interesting to see where these children take it. However, with the warm weather we are currently enjoying the water play activities are taking everyone's attention rather than sitting at a computer!

As I explore some of my plans and  ideas I will post to keep you all up to date.